Accounts Payable Process

Revolutionize Your Accounts Payable Process with Sujay Consultants and Newgen iBPS

In today’s fast-paced business environment, optimizing Accounts Payable (AP) processes is critical for organizations seeking to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain compliance. At Sujay Consultants, we understand the importance of streamlining AP operations, and that’s why we have developed a comprehensive solution leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Newgen iBPS (Intelligent Business Process Suite) to automate and transform your AP process from end to end.

Definition of AP Process

The Accounts Payable process involves the management of all financial transactions and obligations related to the payment of invoices and bills. It encompasses various stages, including invoice capture, validation, approval, payment processing, and reconciliation.

Uses and Benefits of AP Automation

Enhanced Compliance

Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies with automated validation checks and audit trails.

Cost Savings

Lower processing costs by minimizing the need for manual intervention, reducing paper consumption, and avoiding late payment penalties.

Improved Visibility

Gain real-time insights into cash flow, outstanding liabilities, and invoice status, enabling better decision-making and forecasting.


Eliminate manual data entry and tedious paper-based workflows, leading to faster processing times and reduced errors.

Vendor Satisfaction

Accelerate payment cycles and improve vendor relationships by offering faster and more accurate payments.

Sujay Consultants' AP Process Designed Using Newgen iBPS

Our AP solution, powered by Newgen iBPS, is engineered to address the unique challenges of modern businesses and deliver unparalleled efficiency and control. Here’s how our solution stands out.

Advanced OCR Technology

Seamlessly capture and extract data from invoices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, eliminating manual data entry and improving accuracy.

Dynamic Workflow Automation

Design and deploy customizable workflows tailored to your organization's specific requirements, ensuring smooth and efficient invoice processing from receipt to payment.

Intelligent Decision Making

Leverage rule-based decision engines and AI-driven algorithms to automate invoice validation, approval routing, and exception handling, minimizing delays and bottlenecks.

Integration Capabilities

Integrate seamlessly with existing ERP systems, financial software, and third-party applications, enabling seamless data exchange and interoperability.

Comprehensive Analytics

Utilize built-in reporting and analytics tools to track key performance metrics, monitor process efficiency, and identify areas for optimization and improvement.

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