QA Services

Stay A Step Ahead Of Your Competitors By Availing These Key Advantages

Extended Testing Coverage

With Sujay Consultants, your software will receive extended testing coverage, eliminating any possibility of finding bugs or errors. It aids in preserving the level of quality in software with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Automation Testing

We use modern technology in the modernized era to serve you best. We ensure that you receive each testing update and that every feature is thoroughly tested. We use automation at each stage of our testing.

Testing Reports

Get complete insight into how your projects are doing compared to various testing. Obtain thorough project reports, test coverages, problem insights, release cycle progress, and a wide range of metrics and data.

The services available with Sujay Consultants are

Sujay Consultants provides Quality Assurance to earn the trust of our clients. We ensure that all domains and websites can access our quality testing services. No matter what software you are developing, ensuring that it doesn't contain any bugs is the primary concern. And that's precisely what Sujay Consultants holds expertise in.

Functional testing

Test automation

API testing

Mobile application testing

Performance testing

Security assessment

Remote Desktop

Hybrid Cloud

Functional Testing


Functional testing ensures that an application's features and user requirements meet all requirements. Good functional testing services ensure your product performs exactly as intended by focusing on the program's functionality and how it interacts with users.

Effective functional testing offers huge benefits for delivery companies, including:
  • The capacity to identify and avoid flaws at an early stage of the product life cycle.
  • Isolation of probable issues with quality to speed up their resolution.
  • Confirmation that updated features and improvements won't negatively impact the quality of currently used software.
  • Rework is minimized, quality is increased, and overall testing expenses are decreased.

With years of expertise in digital QA and industry-best methods, Sujay Consultants can guarantee the highest possible coverage of the functional requirements for your program. We provide the most efficient functional testing capabilities for digital, in combination with industry-standard tools and pre-built test accelerators.

Test Automation

Test automation can help you overcome the difficulties of quick development cycles and your requirement to satisfy growing client needs while maintaining quality. Our automated testing methods can strengthen your company, guaranteeing precision through swift, seamless test suites.

  • Excellent Test Coverage - Increase test coverage, resulting in greater product quality.
  • Decreased Test Execution time - Our automated and advanced test coverage reduces the execution time by 50% to 90%. Get the most of your time and also the profit.
  • Cost Reduction - Stop overspending on the quality you can get at half the price. The advanced testing process can mitigate most of your risks early in SDLC.
  • Accelerated release cycle - Automation does magic, and we can prove it through our automated Test Coverage. Accelerate your release cycles with the power of automation.
Sujay Consultant having years of experience in Test Automation brings you the best.

API Testing

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are tested directly as part of integration testing, which is the core concept of API testing, a type of software product testing. The purpose of API testing is to determine whether the API meets the requirements for dependability, functionality, security, and application performance.

The majority of testing concentrates on the obvious technical dangers rather than your crucial business environment. We consider the wider picture, combining software testing with business concerns.

  • Reduce your testing expenses from 15% to 25% of project expenditures.
  • Reduce the amount of time your SME company spends testing to under 10%.
  • Reduce program execution times by up to three months.
  • Utilize our reusable components to hasten testing delivery.

Sujay Consultants provides a wide variety of excellent API Testing services for your company's software application. With the help of our industry-standard API testing, our skilled and knowledgeable professional testers ensure that your application satisfies the needs and specifications of your target market

Mobile App Development And Testing

Mobile app testing, as the name suggests, is the procedure of evaluating an Android or iOS mobile app for usability and functioning before its general release. Mobile app testing enables users to confirm whether an app satisfies the expected business and technical criteria.

To conduct successful mobile app testing, teams must test apps across a range of screen resolutions, operating system iterations, and network bandwidths. When the app is made available to the general public, this helps to assure flawless performance across a variety of device setups.

Sujay Consultants has been providing top-notch mobile QA testing services worldwide for over a decade. We are the top QA testing business because of our specialists' in-depth competence in mobile application testing services. We have completed successful projects in a variety of industries.

Learn what makes us stand out from the crowd:
  • The testing strategy includes a thorough evaluation and ROI analysis.
  • Our expertise is in producing consistent and accurate outcomes.
  • We use a wide range of instruments to speed up the app testing process.
  • Quick Assistance and Cost-effective outcomes.
  • Fast delivery and Advanced App testing.

Security And Vulnerability Test

Security testing has become a top priority for many enterprises due to the increasing number of privacy breaches that businesses face regularly, leading to a tremendous negative impact on brand image and client retention.

Sujay Consultant Security Testing and web application vulnerability testing services ensure your software applications are secure. Our expertise in both software development and security testing ensures that you maintain a high level of cyber-safety, leading to a robust brand image and client retention

With decades of experience in providing top-notch services for security and vulnerability tests, we are here to help you achieve the safety and security, you have been wanting.

By availing of the Security and Vulnerability test services from Sujay Consultants, you will be able to.

  • Get up-to-date information on the security flaws and vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure
  • Keep track of the new flaws, errors, or any vulnerabilities that may arise while adding, removing, or making changes in your existing IT environment.
  • Reduce the risk of getting hacked by viruses and keep your data secure to the maximum level.
  • You will be able to uphold adherence to the rules and regulations governing the security and will comply with them effectively.
Sujay Consultant having years of experience in Test Automation brings you the best.

Backend Testing And Database Testing

The importance of database applications is felt more strongly than ever now as both large and small enterprises emphasize the necessity for efficient administration. Therefore, no company that wants to succeed in the modern world can disregard database unit testing. Our database testing services at Sujay Consultant offer specialized database applications across all platforms.

When it comes to thoroughly debug the store operation, we are the most dependable source of service at the lowest possible cost. Perfect event-driven screening solutions are provided by our services, together with output and state validation. This contributes to proper maintenance and performance free of errors. As a result, it is possible to guarantee a high quality of data creation and integration.

  • Do the complete the risk evaluation from our Backend and Database Testing services and reduce the risk of suffering losses.
  • Our knowledgeable team guarantees that clients receive database applications that operate accurately across all platforms and produce results that are worth their investment.
  • Due to our technically superior database testing technique, clients get our assurance of database integrity and validity.
  • We guarantee a thorough quality check of our client’s databases for essential functions, stored procedures, and critical triggers with our professional DB testing and QA services.

Test Environment Management

The majority of businesses lose 20–40% of productivity during the software testing and development lifecycles by allocating 45%–55% of their IT expenditure to non-production tasks like training, development, and testing. This is because there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the art of "Test Environment Management" (or TEM).

Implementing your software testing solution requires a solid test environment. Regardless of your infrastructure or the precise testing requirements, Sujay Consultant’s in-depth technical knowledge and bespoke solutions assist in creating and maintaining your test environment.

  • Obtain an automated environment that is set up to meet your project's needs.
  • With our simple framework, environment setup time can be reduced from hours to minutes.
  • Reduce delivery times for environments with single-click deployment.
  • To evaluate and improve your surroundings, receive 360-degree help and improvement strategies.

Test-driven Development

It may be difficult for you as a corporate organization to conduct acceptance tests and determine whether the application has the functionalities you require or not. It makes sense to outsource the process to a reputable and professional testing services provider if you lack the necessary resources to manage and train your acceptance test-driven development testing services.

Sujay Consultant is a well-known provider of acceptance test-driven development services that can manage all of your needs. Our ATDD testers are among the most productive and skilled acceptance test-driven development professionals. They are skilled at comprehending your precise requirements and can provide top-notch services.

  • Your testing time will get faster by 7 times by our Automation test-driven employment.
  • The automation testing services will provide broader testing coverage via automation testing.
  • Our test-driven employment delivers an accurate outcome.
  • Our test-driven development is time-efficient and also money efficient.

Behavior-driven Development

Behavior-driven development is a testing practice that follows the idea of specification by example, using a simple user/business-focused language. BDD’s business-focused perspective on application behavior allows teams to create living documentation that is easy to maintain and can be consumed by all team members, including testers, developers, and product owners.

Sujay Consultant is known for its high-quality BDD services provided to clients. Sujay Consultant collaboration tools, whether open source or paid, will improve the efficiency of your engineering team by implementing behavior-driven development (BDD). And with our top-notch training, take it to new locations. Tools and methods that help teams become exceptional.

  • With our BDD test, we build a bridge between the businesses and the technical aspects to make the process easier.
  • With out BDD test, you will be able to make the changes in the testing approaches making the entire process simple and user-friendly.
  • The distance between app developers and business managers can be bridged thanks to this testing architecture.
  • Our collaboration solutions, whether they are open source or commercial, will improve the efficiency of your engineering team by implementing behavior-driven development (BDD).